Homework Requirements

  1. Your assignments during this semester will be a cumulative series of additions and changes to a small Web site. At the end of the semester; if you put in enough thought, creativity, and work; you will have a small site which you can add to your portfolio.

  2. You will need to validate your pages as you create them and modify them. I will consider the results of the validators as I assign a grade for each assignment. Errors that are reported by the validators will usually result in my deducting points from that assignment's grade.

    The validators that I use are at the W3C's site. They are:

  3. Each homework assignment should be FTP'd to your site's hosting server by 6 p.m. CDT on the date due.

  4. One feature of this class which students in my other classes have found to be helpful is that if I deduct any points from an assignment's grade, you will have the opportunity to resolve and correct the situation. If you choose to fix the errors, I will regrade your assignment.

    I ask mainly, if you do choose to correct any errors, that you send me an e-mail to tell me that you have uploaded (FTP'd) your fixes, so I will know to go back and re-grade the assignment.