Digital Media Programming with PHP and MySQL -- IMED 2351 -- Section 83701

Instructor: Jim Link        vitae

Spring 2018
Wednesdays, 5:40pm to 9:30pm, Room T248
January 24 to May 9, 2018
(No class 3/14/2018)

Course description:

Introduction to Web page programming with the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database system.

PHP is one of the easiest and most flexible languages used to create dynamic or database-driven Web pages. In this class we will show you the fundamental concepts of programming, using PHP as our programming language/system. You will learn how to design, create, and manage a MySQL database, and to use PHP Web pages to manage and display the information in the database.

By the end of the class, you will be able to create Web pages that automatically update themselves from a database; that send e-mails using the server instead of a client (local) e-mail system; validate and save form data to a database; and manage and validate username and password for site access. You will also be able to create and manage your own database, and use the SQL database query language. And you will have the basic skills to create an e-Commerce site, if you add a lot of time and effort after/outside the course.

Course Outline: