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2014 Digital Arts Festival

2014 Student Art, Videos and Animations



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Digital Media Speakers & Events from 2014




Kim Knight
"Wearable Media and the Threads of Digital Literacy"

In recent years, discussions of digital divides have expanded to include digital literacies. Dr. Knight will discuss Fashioning Circuits, a public Humanities project. In Fashioning Circuits, digital literacies are fostered through diverse and inclusive environments in which participants learn coding and critical making from a Humanities perspective.




wearable media

Kim Knight is an Assistant Professor of Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her research broadly centers on technology and social media in relation to art, identity, politics, and education. More specifically, her current work on viral media addresses the role of digital media as it circulates outside of broadcast paradigms and empowers or oppresses subjects in network society.

Kim writes and is editor-in-chief for the blog The Spiral Dance ( The title is taken from the closing line of Donna Haraway's influential essay "Manifesto for Cyborgs" and the blog critically addresses the intersections of media, technology, and gendered identity. In addition, she is the project leader, site administrator, and editor of Fashioning Circuits (, a research blog and public humanities project that addresses the social and cultural implications of the intersection between fashion and technology.

Kim Knight UTD Faculty Profile




“Visual and Sonic artist, David Stout
will discuss Noisefold and other cross-media collaborations”.

David Stout is a visual artist, composer and performer exploring cross-media synthesis and interdisciplinary approaches to new genres bridging the arts, design and sciences. He holds an inter-arts MFA from the California Institute of the Arts where he studied with Ed Emshwiller, Jules Engel, Jim Pomeroy, Michael Scroggins and Bill Viola. His award winning works include live cinema performance, interactive video installation, electro-acoustic music composition and immersive telematic video events that emphasize multi-screen projection as an extension of performer, audience and architecture.

NoiseFold Website
David Stout UNT Faculty Profile

Friday Game Design Presentations

On Friday April 25, Richland hosted speakers from the Game industry. The public is also invited to check out 3D printing and Virtual Reality games.

      Aaron Thibault,
      VP of Development at Gearbox Software

      Nick Peterson
      Senior Visual Effects Artist for Hammer & Chisel




Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Through these five senses we interact with the world - and with other human peoples. They are our interface. F.I.V.E. is the new international video art project created by Magmart.


After the international success of 100x100=900, and waiting for IX edition of Magmart Festival, this new project explores the five senses. Like the previous project, the goal is always the same: look into the gaze of video artists on the mankind. While 100x100=900 took the history of the 1900s as its subject, F.I.V.E. focuses on our senses - on how we relate with others. Senses are the medium between the world and us and are the instruments of feeling. They channel information to all of us from the universe; they supply - even literally - the food for our body and for our mind.

Exquisite {inter}Face
Student Art Exhibition


lago vista

Lago Vista Gallery
April 4 - May 2, 2014
Lavaca Hall Basement

This exhibit will feature current digital artwork from Multimedia and Game students. A special installation of student art from the previous 10 years of the Digital Media Festival is also on view.

RCHS Senior Capstone Presentations


Richland Collegiate High School students presented Senior Capstone Projects with innovative solutions to current social, cultural and scientific issues.