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Instructions to Access Online Classes

  1. Log on to the Internet and go to (this link will open in a new browser window)
  2. At the top of the page you will find a blue box wiith the words, Have an account? Login Here. Below is the link.
  3. Click on the Please click here to login link.
  4. If you have never used the eCampus system before, type in a lower-case e, then your seven (7) digit student ID number as both the username and password. (ex: e1234567) If you do not have an ID you can click on the Preview button and do a search for classes of interest. Note: If you have used the eCampus system before the username and password you have already used for past courses will still be in effect.
  5. Click on the Login button.
  6. Your online class should be listed under My Courses. Click on the course link to access the course information.
  7. Click on Tools, then on Personal Information. Click on Edit Personal Information and add your current email address to your record. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. Note: If you do not have an email account you can get a free, Hotmail, MSN or Yahoo account. Please do this immediately so your instructor will be able to contact you.
  8. Explore the material for the class by clicking on the buttons on the left side of the screen.
  9. If you have questions about course material, be sure to contact the instructor via email. The instructor email is available if you click on the Communications button. Choose the Select Users and click on the box next to your instructor’s name. Please DO NOT select the Email All Instructors option. Multimedia courses are monitored by a number of people who are listed as instructors but who are not your instructor. Please email only your instructor.
  10. If you need face-to-face assistance with course material, visit the Multimedia Learning Center Lab in Thunderduck Hall, T246. The lab is also available to you if you do not have access to the software. Specific lab hours are posted each semester.